Monday, September 12, 2011


I have been wanting a Blondie for some time. In an effort to save some cash, I have decided NOT to go to Applebees and get one already perfectly made, sizzling on a hot dish, with a scoop of ice cream.. *drool*

So I made it myself!

Sorta. :-\

I'm almost too ashamed to show you.

Should I be brave? Woman-up, you say?


I think eyeballing my measurements did not work. It appears I was just a wee bit short on flour. And yes, I did taste it. Meh. The flavor was okay.. but maybe a second cup full of flour would have absorbed some of this butter! Lol I tried, yall. I certainly did try.

I'm off to the dollar store to get me a measuring set. Whose up for a trip to Applebees?!

xoxo Von

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