Monday, January 9, 2012

Stardust Sugar Cookies

The internet holds many treasures. Almost anything you can't seem to find on your own can be found with a few simple searches on the web. Such as, the absolutey perfect sugar cookie recipe!

I have been hunting down a really good recipe for about 3 years now, trying a few, with more misses than hits. I found one recipe that was okay, but those cookies didn't hold their own against the cookie cutter. For me, the perfect sugar cookie recipe yields cookies that are firm to the touch, but the texture is a bit more of a crumble than a snap. The last batch (which may have been re-rolled two or 3 times) should have the same taste and texture as the first. These cookies rise a little in the oven, but don't sink down into themselves when you take them out.
Today, I present these beauties to you....

Stardust Sugar Cookies!

I take no credit for the recipe - this is all Ms. Martha herself. After all that searching, I found The One lol. A pretty simple recipe that even the queen of substitution couldn't wreck, these cookies had everyone impressed. I do take full credit for the design, a little bit of royal icing and some Wilton Silver Sparkling sugar go a long way :-)

Shout out to Jacinda & Jaime at Prudent Baby - I found the cookie recipe link on their site! Y'all never steer me wrong :-)

xoxo, Von